Exclusive Discounts- Sample Sale!

Hello ladies,

We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks at the MYTAGALONGS office and i’m happy to finally have a chance to sit down and write a very much overdue blog post about what we’ve been up to. After an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend, we’ve returned to the office for another work week and feel excited to dive into the summer 2011 business season.

Surely, travel is  beginning to pick up. Lately, emails regarding our sold out travel bottles  have been flood our inbox and we’re glad to announce that they will soon be back in stock! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you can be notified as soon as they are available.

On another positive note, we are also glad to announce our  first MYTAGALONGS SAMPLE SALE. Montrealers we welcome you to come join us! Visit us and other exhibitors as we will be offering discounted prices on tons of items you’ll want! See the flyer below for more details.

Have a great week everyone!



The perks of an all Inclusive

Imagine a vacation where all you need is right at your feet. Beautiful beaches, unlimited food and beverages, and tons of entertainment. Sounds great right?

Although an all inclusive doesn’t offer that fast-paced “see the most you can” type of vacation, its a great way to unwind and enjoy a getaway- especially if you’re on a budget. Depending on the location, a decent all inclusive vacation package can cost around $1600 including airfare and guarantee that you come home spending no more than you planned.  Plus, with tons of add-on packages you can still enjoy a luxurious trip if this is what you are seeking.

Whether traveling with friends, family or as a couple, finding the right all inclusive can be overwhelming. To save you some time, we’ve provided some information you need to look out for before picking a resort.

1- Traveler photos unmask the true grounds of the resort. Don’t rely on company pictures.

When looking at the facilities and accommodation pictures, don’t get carried away by the flawless photos. Often companies will take a photo of a newly renovated suite when the building is mostly un-renovated or glorify the photos by using lighting and angle techniques. To unveil the true nature of the resort visit tripadvisor.com, enter the resort name in the search button and browse traveler photos. These are more likely to more accurately display the vacation spot.

2- Check what your package includes! Beware of resorts offering preferred  and standard.

Some resorts have areas that are only available to those who have booked a preferred (and more expensive) package. Given this, the 10 restaurants and 5 pools that you read online may not all be accessible if you are booking the regular all inclusive package. To avoid disappointment, be sure to read your accessibilities carefully!

3- Usually, booking an all inclusive package that includes flight is less expensive than booking the resort and then your flights seperately.

Be sure to check out http://www.cheapcaribbean.com, http://www.redtag.ca and other travel sites for complete available packages.

4- Don’t forget the taxes!

Found the perfect resort, clicked book and then saw tons of added taxes? Yikes! Be sure to keep taxes in mind when browsing for a vacation. Resorts often end up costing an extra $400 AFTER tax and usually the pre-tax low price is the one advertised.

To book or not to book?

Coasting through April, the excitement of summer travel begins to build and we must make the big decision: when’s the right time to book?

Without a doubt, waiting until the last minute to book your travel can sometimes result in lower airfare and lodging. However, the waiting game is truly a double edged sword. Unfortunately, prices often sharply increase due to a peak in demand. Not to mention, its extremely disappointing when  the accommodations and flight that you desired sell out.  For most of us who don’t get to vacation frequently, making sure we have a well planned itinerary and the desired accommodations is crucial to ensuring a stress-free and ideal getaway. Obviously ,the timing of when to book relates heavily on the flexibility of your vacation plans. So, unless you’re extremely flexible, we advise that when a good deal comes along- book! This means that it doesn’t matter if you book four months in advance or four weeks in advance.We have missed the best deal too many times by holding back and waiting for something EVEN better to come along.

To help you decide when to book your trip, we suggest that you ask yourselves the two following questions. These are often overlooked as individuals fixate on price. After all, if you’re not going to enjoy your vacation, why go in the first place?

1- Why are you traveling?

If you’re travelling to visit monumental sites or lie on the beach, these sceneries will always be available to visit. This means that you can hold off and wait a little longer to book because visiting one day earlier or later won’t totally alter your experience. On the other hand, if you are going to catch a summer concert festival, travel with an organized tour, or meet up with other backpackers, the timing of your arrival is of the utmost importance. In such a scenario, booking early is key. These trips will fill up quickly if you don’t reserve your spot.

2- What factors contribute most to your vacation?

For many, a luxurious hotel with the best view is considered highly valuable. These prime locations often fill up fast, so they should be booked in advance. However, others identify a stronger worth in great cuisine and attractions. For those individuals, booking late won’t impact what they value most.


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A weekend at the woman’s show

Hello Ladies! Happy Monday.

We’re back at the office after spending an exciting and fast-paced weekend at the National Woman’s Show – we had a great time! From one woman to another, if you missed this event you should definitely make it a priority to go next year. In the few moments we had to walk around, we tasted delicious food samples and enjoyed demonstrations from hundreds of exhibits showcasing items geared specifically towards us! It was truly a positive environment and we especially enjoyed being able to connect face to face with many of our existing and new customers. This is something we don’t often get to do so it was especially meaningful to us.

We love to get feedback on our products so that we can continue to suit your needs and even better improve them to your expectations.

Please connect with us! Send us a tweet or post on our facebook and we’ll be sure to write back!


Have a great week everyone,









Spring is Here

Finally, Spring has arrived!

It may be snowing in Montreal but we hope your first Monday of spring is a little bit sunnier and brighter than ours! As soon as spring comes around and the temperatures begins to warm up we just can’t help but feel the urge to go shopping. Who doesn’t love bright colours and short sleeve tops after a long winter of black and grey sweaters?

Whilst the cool and crisp weather of early spring may be impeding your usual shopping spree, we have the perfect solution to satisfy your boiling feeling of wanting something new. Does the inside of your purse reflect the bright, energetic colours of early spring? Check out our purse organizers and customize the inside of your purse with a bright turquoise, pink or gold. These flashy colours will show everyone that you’re ready for the spring season! Moreover, we all need to get organized- so what are you waiting for?

Order yours now!